Resident and Community Groups in Stonehouse

Stonehouse Action seeks to improve the neighbourhood through bringing people together and getting people involved in their neighbourhood.

If you have a local issue, for example a problem or idea for your street or local park, you may find it useful to go to your local residents group.  If there is not a group covering your area of Stonehouse then get in touch with Stonehouse Action and we will offer support to look at your issue, or help you set up a group in your area.

If you are part of a group in Stonehouse and would like your details added to this page please get in touch at

Plymouth City Council hold 'Have your say' meetings in Stonehouse.  This is a chance to raise your issues or ideas with our Councillors and the Police.  Find out the date of the next meeting on the Plymouth City Council website.

You may also find it useful to contact your local Councillor or MP. 

The local Councillors for St Peter and Waterfront (which includes the Stonehouse neighbourhood) are:

Councillor Sue McDonald
Councillor Ian Tuffin
Councillor Chris Penberthy

The MP for the area is Oliver Colville MP.